Pies for Rob; An Official Pie Taster

As well as an orthodontist.  Not sure how he studied for his credentials to taste pie but I know he does a great job. I think cherry is his favorite.  Enough with the posts about cakes already, a main subject of my photography lately.

Laura tells me that cupcakes are soooo yesterday and that Pies are ALL THAT!

Magnolia Bakery just opening in  Chicago now? She says they are late.  I’m not sure because when I visit my sister in NYC I see people lined up around the block to get cupcakes on Bleecker Street at Magnolia still.

But today’s post is for Rob, a dear friend of our family, who has left comments from time to time on the blog.  You might see him zipping along in a cute 2 seater British car, on his way to a pie tasting!

And the story is this.  Apple pie on the left from the local grocery chain with the initials GE and the pie on the right?  Patty’s Farm Market in Aspinwall on Freeport Road.  That is where we got the pies for Mark and Erika’s rehearsal dinner at our house, nine years ago.  Laura picked up the apple pie when we were shopping for supper ingredients.  I looked at it as we put in into the back of the car and I just thought it looked uninviting.  Not worth getting fat on….. so on the way home from the GE,  I pulled into the Farm Market parking lot and gave her a fistful of bills and instructed her to buy a pie.  And a box of fresh blueberries, too.

“What flavor?”, she asked. “ANY!” –  was my response. “Whatever appeals to you.”  The one on the right is Strawberry Rhubarb!. Delicious.  Tart and sweet combination.  Summer.  So Rob, this post is for you.  My favorite PIE GUY.

Which one would you choose?

9 thoughts on “Pies for Rob; An Official Pie Taster

  1. Yes, no question, the strawberry rhubarb. But I always have difficulty with “bought” pies.
    They don’t have good crust, they always have too much thickening. Not nearly as bad
    as the soaked cardboard crust of most supermarket pies, but not good enough to
    warrant the calories. There is NOTHING like my mother’s pies.

  2. Definitely strawberry rhubarb. Made Ina’s strawberry rhubarb crumble the other day – delicious. My next store neightbor in MP Mr Andariese grew rhubarb in his backyard.

  3. Wow! I am honored Ruth. I have tasted (judged) many pies over the years and Euthemia’s response above brings to mind the motto of the American Pie Council, “In Crust, we Trust”. Must have a good crust. These pies look fabulous. I finished off a cherry pie last evening but now I may have to go get a rhubarb pie. Time is always right for pie. Viewers need to check out http://www.piecouncil.org/Recipes/.
    They have some great recipes. Thanks to Laura for setting the record straight…pies are in. Eat more pie.

  4. I will snatch the pie on the right and RUN. Then you get what’s LEFT!!! 🙂 🙂
    By the way, today is the Farmers Market, East Liberty and Sand Hill Berries sells delicious – looking whole pies, also generous individual slices. Both sizes in containers, so in principle one can get home with the purchase intact……!!!!! ?????? 🙂 Lots of fruit choices! Although I think no more rhubarb ….sigh …. my Mom’s pies were wonderful and Marian is able to carry on the tradition. I was going to forgo the pie today at the FM, but no resolve left after these photos and thinking about Summer pie!!!!!

  5. Our farmer’s market offers little individual pies — well, I think they are supposed to serve two but I like to eat the whole thing …. with a cup of tea.

  6. Rick will be right over, Strawberry Rhubarb is his favorite. Now about that pie taster gig…..Rick would definitely apply.

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