My Sister Guest Blogs from Fishkill, NY via Phone

It wasn’t her idea but when I got this photo from her on the phone I thought it was a perfect picture to post. A scene you don’t see everyday!  When I visit her in NYC she shows me the coolest places to take  photos.  In fact, she has spotted many of my blogposts when we traveled to see our brother in WA, too. I am thinking of the train car that was a hamburger stand for sale.  She’s visiting friends near Albany then went down to Fishkill,NY. She said this  hot dog place is next to the Hardware Store.  Thanks Mary. That was fun!

4 thoughts on “My Sister Guest Blogs from Fishkill, NY via Phone

  1. Is he drinking a milkshake and squirting ketchup on his head? Makes me wonder what sort of alcoholic addition might be in that creamy shake…Brandy Alexander, anyone? 😉

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