Custom Framing for 30 Years and He’s Not Even 50 Yet!

That’s what he told me. And he’s been in business for 25 years! I went over to Panza Gallery in Millvale and owner/artist Mark Panza was busy busy busy. He really didn’t need me there Thursday afternoon but he was gracious. Kept on working. I broke his concentration at first by showing up and wanting to shoot him for the People at Work Series, even though we had talked about it on the phone, when it is actually happening it might not be so convenient.

Let me tell you I have a new understanding of why custom frames are not inexpensive. Lots of steps and precision, measure, measure, measure. Concentration, strength, math, craftsmanship. Thanks Mark for allowing me to capture you working. And remember he’s open Wed-Friday 10-5 and Sat 10-3.

That is a pneumatic stapler and you can hear the compressor gear up!

12 thoughts on “Custom Framing for 30 Years and He’s Not Even 50 Yet!

  1. I have spent a fortune on custom framing…it can make or break your piece. Great photos of a craftsman.

  2. Love this “new” Series People at work … exp. when so many people wish they were right now.
    1How fortunate to have a craft / trade / TALENT which is needed and respected no matter what’s going on …and getting a picture / photo framed makes you feel good!!!

  3. What is the “People at Work Series”? Is it a running article in your local newspaper or magazine? Is it a book you are in the midst of developing? It looks cool!

  4. These pics are great Ruth! I love my dadio + he’s a good boss I love learning from the best ;o)

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