Ukrainian Church Reflection-McKees Rocks PA

McKees Rocks Bottoms. I was coming from the funeral home in Sheraden and saw these churches from the bridge and decided to exit.  The sun was setting.   Two Ukrainian Churches in one town.  Just blocks from one another.  This one is St. John’s.  The other is St. Mary’s.  I have more photos for a different day.  There’s a Russian Orthodox church with beautiful domes and a Byzantine church as well.   They are still open and active.  St. Mark’s Roman Catholic church has been closed and sold to Dargate Auction Gallery.  All of these different churches within a few blocks of one another. Click on the links for more information about Ukrainians and the  Ukrainian community in Pittsburgh

5 thoughts on “Ukrainian Church Reflection-McKees Rocks PA

  1. Amazing that (some of) these Churches are still active. Will click the links later today!!!
    Thanks! Re Mary’s Guest post: she is up in one of the NY areas of my paternal “geneo-ecology!” When I hear Albany / Fishkill/ Rensselaer / Troy etc I feel a little buzz !!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the interesting photo which brought back a vivid childhood memory for me. During Fridays in Lent, my mom would take me with her to one of the churches in the McKees Rocks Bottoms and we would wait in line to purchase home made lekvar perogies from the churches kitchen. They were so delicious they still bring back this memory from age 4 or 5. Also, there was/is a yellow brick Russian Orthodox church on California Avenue that I recall. It sat high above the street and looked very majestic. Once we went to a wedding there and I remember how stunning the inside was. Nicee memories for a bright Sunday morning! Thanks.

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