Old Fashioned Pulley Clothesline-Lilies and Dinner

My friend J cooked a bday dinner for me the other night and I was checking out her garden. Everything so lush and green. Stunning lilies blooming. J shows me what is a weed and what is not. When she splits her perennials I will plant them in my garden. The plants might not be too happy about the move to my place, though. Her clothesline jumped out at me and I thought of sheets hung on the line and how quickly things dry in the summer. The refreshing scent of the sunshine. I didn’t stay late enough but when it gets dark she has a fish pond and glass orb that lights up so have to plan a return trip. J is an excellent cook, too as you can see by the dinner on the table below. A nice summer evening. Thanks J.

13 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Pulley Clothesline-Lilies and Dinner

  1. The sight of the Old Fashioned Pully Clothesline instantly took me back to my childhood and our trips to the New Jersey shore, thanks for the memory bump. All 3 images are beautiful.

  2. Three excellent photos with interesting subject matter. I particularly like the way the lilies pop out in the second photo, and I also like the combination of bright colors in the photo of the table.

  3. We had clotheslines at this house (I grew up here) but my kids never saw them. Kinda sad.

  4. That food looks so good! My mother still uses a clothesline like that and has a very specific order by which one must hang one’s items. And it drives her crazy when I visit and hang everything out of order … a sock and then a tshirt and then a skirt and then the other sock. One time when I was visiting she took everything down and re-hung it because she couldn’t stand to look out the kitchen window at my haphazard laundry skills. The other thing is she considers it a sin to do laundry on a Sunday and so it bothers her to see anything hung out on the line on that day. She lives in Nova Scotia, where one checks the weather in the morning and then determines whether it’s a good laundry day. Except on Sunday.

  5. Beautiful images – they look like they come from a magazine. These are the images people put in magazines for the readers to imagine how nice life would be – and you are living it. Fabulous!

    We hang most of our clothes on a line. No pulley, but it is great to bring in sun-dried sheets and clothes!

  6. Our neighbor in the back hangs her laundry on nice days. I can see brightly colored shirts and tops hanging on her line right now. It would make a great picture! I kind of miss hanging laundry — or not!!!!

  7. Are those Casa Blanca lilies?? If so I get the aroma right here, right now!! Beautiful with or without aoma!!

  8. My mom used long poles with a V cut at the top end to push her clothesline up into the air so the clothes would not hit the ground. I wonder what those poles were called. I remember helping her set up the poles. Does anyone else have such a memory about clothes line poles?

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