Moonrise Over Bocce Court in Bloomfield

As I an writing this post I think that it is almost two years that I started the blog.  And when I checked the stats I see that the first post was 7-14-09.   Two years and a day. Happy Blog–aversary. Thanks to all the readers who have followed my blog, written comments on the blog, written nice emails to me or told me about which photo they enjoyed seeing. And to the friends of friends who have shared the posts and photographs, whom I have met only online, I appreciate your good feedback, too.  SO here is the today’s post-

Stephanie cuts my hair. She asked me how the photography was going.  I told her how I photograph and post a photo of the day on the blog. (Today is the #658 post.) She told Jack, her husband and he looked at my photos online and invited me down Thursday night when he  plays Bocce. Here is his website.

It was a perfect summer evening and the men were gracious, allowing me to photograph the games.  Tried to be unobtrusive and hung there for over two hours. One gentleman is 97 years old!  I sat on a bench at the end of the court for a time, shooting intermittently. A little conversation here and there.    And there was the moonrise over the bocce court.

Although I was invited to the mid-season party at the Pleasure Bar on Tuesday, I already have plans with the grandchildren….but I got to hear the menu!  Mmmmmm.  I am really missing out.   Fortunately there is an end of season party in the fall!.

Thanks Jack and to the Bocce League, playing under the cars passing over the Bloomfield Bridge on a summer night.

17 thoughts on “Moonrise Over Bocce Court in Bloomfield

  1. a Bocce court in Bloomfield, under the bridge! Who knew?
    Happy un- Bastille Day! They play a lot of Bocce in France, with a french name like les boules? I think it IS a guys game and gathering, traditionally. You know, “TRADITION!”

  2. Great post—I’ve known Jack and his family for years. Be sure to check out his website too! Bocce is a great sport, isn’t it? My family plays at picnics every summer, and my parents are both in a summer league. And congrats to you Ruth for your commitment and dedication to keeping your blog running for this long. I know many others who’ll start a blog and quit after several weeks!

  3. A beautiful photo, Ruth, to mark your second anniversary of taking beautiful photos! Not only atmospheric, but a sociological study! You should be in National Geographic. I mean it….

  4. Happy anniversary, Ruth. Just love your daily posts – keep them coming! This is a great one – one more example of the diversity and traditions of Pittsburgh – thank you for seeking them out and letting us all enjoy and marvel.

  5. Happy blog anniversary also! This photo reminds me of all the bocce fields in Europe. This must be a new thing for Pittsburgh because I never remember seeing bocce being played there when I was a youngster.

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