Eating Raspberries on Uncle Frank’s Running Board

1933 Plymouth
Maura and Michael sit on Uncle Frank's running boards and share raspberries.

The family has been in Pittsburgh a lot this summer.  A wedding, a family reunion, a funeral, and this weekend a bridal shower.

Lucky grandma.

Here are Maura and Michael sharing some raspberries while sitting on Uncle Frank’s 1933 Plymouth.  You may have seen the post where Uncle Frank and Aunt Linda were pulling out of the driveway to drive another bride to the church in this snazzy car.  It’s a beauty.


12 thoughts on “Eating Raspberries on Uncle Frank’s Running Board

  1. A great shot this was! Those kids look cute, like they’ve got wasted for the day but still enjoying their raspberries. I love how they look innocent sitting on that beautiful ride. (:

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