Fruit Tart, Tea and Friendship

A winning combination.  A friend and neighbor asked me over tonight. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks.  It was good to catch up. Hear about what we’ve been up to and the places we have gone.  I read that article asking Do You Bore People? so I tried to not talk about the computer crash and the necessity of a new hard drive but it was difficult cause she missed my data loss experience.    But enough on that already-  AND look what her husband picked up on his way home!  Lovely custard and fruit-topped tarts with a mug of hot tea to accompany the tart. It is good to have friends, especially in this beginning season of darkness and cold.

Almost looks like a reflection!


21 thoughts on “Fruit Tart, Tea and Friendship

  1. How hilarious that YOU are reading an article: Do You Bore People? !!!! Not in this lifetime!!! That was written for me! Can I Google it? Beautiful photo and words to go with!

  2. An evening that includes good friends and that lovely tart must have been a good one. Here’s wishing you many more such evenings — and far, far fewer PC crashes!

    • Just got the MacBook back tonight with a new hard drive. thanks for your good comments! Good friends and fruit tarts and tea.
      I am a fortunate person.

  3. The food looks inviting. The tiny roses on the plate – could that be my mother’s china pattern? It was purchased approximately 60 years ago?

  4. Wondering where you can get one of those fabulous tarts? Yummy, reminds me of ones we’ve had on vacation.

  5. I have had FOOD on my mind all day. This morning (with my multi-grain toast and jam and Chai tea) on NPR I heard Adam Gopnick discuss his new book which is about the basic human meanings of food, its procurement, preparation and consumption–eating, that is. The whole process is a fundamental social endeavor…we care so much about it because it is for and with each other. And now comes the nice husband with fruit tarts and the good neighbor drops in and you have quotidian conversation…the casual things that make the everyday so precious. And the tarts look glorious.

  6. Yummy looking tarts captured perfectly! I hope that you didn’t lose any of your photos when your computer crashed. So glad that your MacBook was repairable and that you’re back in business!

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