Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

It’s a weekend of family and Friday we drove down(van and a car) the Blue Ridge Parkway to Peaks of Otter. Avoided ALL stores. When we got back and the sun was starting to drop, Erika dressed the kids in their red outfits and we thought we might get a photo for their family Christmas card. The sitting around, getting four grandchildren to look into the camera lens wasn’t going too well….so started the action shots by yelling ready, set. go and the fun began. Murphy barked at Bob the donkey and Heart the big horse. Froo Froo Marlene got out a huge bag of carrots. Forget the Christmas card- roll around in the leaves, feed the animals carrots,run and whoop and laugh. The grass began to get damp with evening dew and it was time to go in for our supper. I couldn’t believe the Weekly Photo Challenge email said FAMILY. Perfect timing! (And to check out other bloggers interpretations of Family click here )

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    • Didn’t make the cut for the card! Will have to post the one that did get the nod from my son and daughter-in-law. But I like it, too. Thanks for looking and writing.

  1. Beautiful πŸ™‚ Shots like these are the best. I love seeing the real smiles and laughter rather than posed photographs πŸ™‚

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  3. These kids are all so gorgeous! What fun looking dolls, too. The horse in the back tops the photo off. And of course the color red makes this photo extra special. VERY nice picture, I really like it!

  4. Another Norman Rockwell moment from the 50’s when I was growing up with less pressure and more “free time” for families.

  5. Your photos of the children steal my heart every time, but this one is a clincher. It’s the hat, the hat the little one is wearing. Surely a crowning glory. Marvo, as usual. Happy holidays, RuthE. Love, Lois

  6. Personally, I think your action shot would make a *perfect* Christmas card. Much more interesting than a staged, formal sitting (in my opinion). πŸ™‚

  7. a winner! do you have any idea how many photos of “family” you have that you might have “entered????” anyway, as you said, well timed subject!!! XOXOXO

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  9. A perfect Christmas picture. The happiness of your kids were all captured on this one. I agree, its like a postcard. Love the joy it brings to all that looks at it. Happy holidays and best wishes…

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