Night Neon & the Double-Wide Grill

Friday night music was great at the Club Cafe on the South Side. I loved the contrast of the neon’s warm colors of Jack’s and cool blue neon of Club Cafe.  I know the “e” is missing but I liked the image of Jack’s going around the corner so I chose this one.   I took this shot from across the street as we left to go home.

But wait, we didn’t go right home-

Even though we were exhausted, R invited us to go to the Double-Wide Grill where the onion rings satisfy that deep urge to eat something not really good for you but doesn’t it taste great. (seem to be doing a lot of that type of eating lately)  You know I have a thing for old service stations and auto mechanics, right?  The old fashioned kind. I did not photograph the food.  Hmmmm.  But you get a feel for the place.

And when we left I took a shot from the outside and the old gas tank had the amount 37 cents on it.  Remember that price per gallon?

Jack's Bar at the corner of Carson and South 12th Street, Southside
Order a basket of onion rings and enjoy!
Vintage gas pump with the 37 cent price- remember when???
A close-up in case your eyes (like mine) couldn't see the 37!

12 thoughts on “Night Neon & the Double-Wide Grill

  1. OK, now I know I’m old. I remember $.17 gas and $.03 postage stamps. Yikes! I love the photos and can taste those onion rings!

  2. I love these pictures, right on! Yes, I do remember faintly from childhood such prices.

  3. Once again, you’ve taken me down Memory Lane and all it took was a photo of the price of gas. I really do enjoy coming here to your blog, Ruth. Thanks and I can’t wait to see where you’ll be taking me next.

  4. this comment was emailed to me from a friend but I love the image of his carrying the old gas can

    “Again you set off a memory. I was probably about five years old when my dad sent me to the gas station on 8th & Main to get gas for the mower. I had an old steel gas can that held one gallon. Dad gave me a quarter, and I got change! I was almost too small to carry the full can home, stopping many times to rest. But I made it and gave my dad the two cents change.

    When I was in college, my partner and I sold gas on the river at the bottom of Toby Hill for about 37 cents per gallon. That was considered an outrage, as we marked up our price, charging for the convenience. We had a monopoly!”
    and another friend wrote this comment to me in an email but I wanted it to stay with today’s post

    “I don’t remember the per gallon price of gas, but I do remember filling the tank of my car, taking a date to the movie, stopping for a cheeseburger (the fastfood concept (read: cheap)had not happened yet) and a shake on the way home and having change left from a $10 bill. And you were NOT allowed to fill your own tank, the attendant had to do it.”

  5. Vibrant cafe with remnants of the nostalgic era of the past. Neon lights never fails to create a fun vibe . Beautiful photos the spells out excitement and good company. Thanks.

  6. I also like the contrast of the warm and cool colors in the first photo. And the vintage gas pump is super-cool!

  7. Love the Bar – Cafe photo…. I was often in the car when Mom got gas – I think over my growing-up years it went from 19 to 29 cents gal – it was rationed during WWII, wasn’t it???? Paid by coupons?? Like lots of food items. Anyway! Same as above – pumped by an attendant … bliss!!! 🙂

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