33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog today and looking at the Weekly Photo Challenge . I photographed my daughter-in-law Erika and her four children( My grandchildren) as the eldest was waiting to get on the school bus.

  1. Brings back memories of waiting for the school bus both as a child and a parent. Great photo!

    • That is unretouched green, early morning sun- your comment prompted me to go back and look and then I saw two newspapers at the end of the drive, waiting to picked up. Thanks Greg. It does look astro-turf fake but it was THAT green!

  2. Love to see a young family filled with love , optimism and happiness. Last Summer, my son rode the bus for the first time. Every morning my wife and I would wait with him. It was a beautiful and wonderful feeling. This year I bring him to school every day and I enjoy every moment of it. Love your version of the theme. It’s more personal and shows what a loving family is. happy Holidays….

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