So a friend called up and asked, “Where Are You?………..”

……..meaning she thought I might be in Ohio visiting the family but I said ” I am running errands (returning containers that held delicious cookies for the cookie table) in Swissvale and then across the Monongahela to West Mifflin, dropping something off at Aunt Linda’s…” and she invited me to drop by since I was close to her home in Edgewood.  And when I got there, this is what was awaiting my arrival. Two colorful plates of a variety of fruit and some smoked gouda cheese triangles.  Mmmmmmm. Lucky me.  We got a chance to catch up and exchange a few school stories and relive Laura and James’ wedding weekend.  The fruit was refreshing and delicious.  It was a relaxing and unexpected treat.  Good to have good friends!

13 thoughts on “So a friend called up and asked, “Where Are You?………..”

  1. A beautiful photo of a delicious, healthy snack. It reminds me of the favorite snack of my daughter’s former Girl Scout troup… sweet green grapes served with slices of mild cheddar cheese.


  2. Hey, I can’t believe I made the blog! : )
    Ruth I hope you enjoyed the fruit, because I truly enjoyed catching up with you. See you soon, much love.


  3. “Where are you?” is the most common informal greeting in Croatia, something like how we might say, “How’s it going?” When Croats translate it literally, English speakers are often not sure how to respond.


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