Air France Meal on a Tray

Airline food. It’s scarce these days.   I took this photo on my way to visit Matthew in Zagreb a few summers ago.  I flew via Paris.  The man across the aisle was laughing as I was photographing.  Available light from the airliner’s window.  Bon Appetit?    Could be categorized Places to get Food

Wish I remembered the names of the dishes served.

14 thoughts on “Air France Meal on a Tray

  1. Haven’t seen a meal like that on an airlines for some time. I have grown accustomed to the 12 peanuts, or pretzels, if I’m lucky. Flying to the “wrong” places I guess.

  2. I remember eating vegetable lasagna on Alitalia and it was surprisingly good. But, then, the Italians are all about the food . . . even on their airplanes.

  3. It used to be both exciting and pleasurable to fly to your destination. Now, the misery starts as soon as you enter the airport and lasts until you reach your destination. Don’t complain too loudly or the TSA may hear you. Silence of the lambs.

  4. The pasta and bread look delicious! I’ve also heard a few people snicker as I photographed my food in public. But if it looks delicious, why not savor the moment?

  5. That looks downright luxurious! Last time I flew back from France I bought one of the wonderful baguette sandwiches from a street vendor which I planned to savor as my last memory of the trip. I forgot to eat it and was arrested at the Dallas airport by one of the cute little dogs that sniff your baggage. Apparently the sandwich had meat in it so I had to stand in a long line with the offenders who brought in too much cash, or had improper paperwork. Almost missed my connecting flight. And they had to go through every bit of my luggage and then they found the baggy of spices I had purchased at the little french grocery store …. and the sea salt. They allowed me to continue with the spices. I agree wholeheartedly with ChgoJohn.

  6. For an Airline meal, quite unbelievable….. that said, looks like Ritter’s diner, except fpr the French bread and wine!! Should have just served LOTS of bread and wine, with coffee after ….. hold the rest!!! 🙂

  7. Did you consume a full glass of wine with your meal? 😉 I love that you made your seatmate smile with your photography!

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