Living proof about the box it came in….

It wasn't that he didn't like the Lincoln Logs but needed someone to help build with him and we were setting the table and making breakfast.


This looks set up but it is as it happened.  The first shot a blur with his brother and this one the clearer image but Michael caught me with the camera catching him playing in the box the Lincoln Logs came in-

classic, cliche, you’ve heard it a hundred times but his mom alerted me to witness the occurrence. Loving playing in the BOX!

Later he and his dad built a log cabin and fence but it’s going to take quiet concentration and a day with less activity to master Lincoln Log building skills.


16 thoughts on “Living proof about the box it came in….

  1. Love it! My husband always said they only got boxes to play in when he was young. Maybe that is a good idea, after all.

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