What I’m Thinking for 2012

Postaday 2011 is coming to a rapid close.  I accomplished a daily photograph post on my rutheh.com blog.  It became part of my day.  Everyday.  And then I started the Keep or Pitch blog and was thinking how I would clean out my house of accumulation and clutter and inherited items. Grown up children moved out but left their “stuff” and I photographed and posted and wrote stories of possessions and it went pretty well everyday for a good while. Months even. Even got voted Freshly Pressed for the Ceramic Squirrel Family post. But when it came time to get serious and actually pitch a LOT of stuff, I stopped photographing it and feeling nostalgic and made donations big time, had a failed yard sale, and loaded up some heavy duty construction bags and dragged them to the curb.  That task is not completed and the third floor beckons to me to get up there and PITCH.

Starting another blog to illustrate where this blog travels in the blogosphere is the plan.

I recreated a “cardboard me”, not because I want to look thinner  but need to fit in the mail.  Made color copies on card stock.  The copies appear a little dull but then I was called two-dimensional!  I am already in business size envelopes traveling to friends and bloggers who have agreed to “guest blog” and return photo(s) of my visit with them.

Many of you know Flat Stanley and have helped school students with their Social Studies projects. Now it is the Elementary Art Teacher’s project.  And your creativity.

Right now I am thinking of one post a week.  I will continue with my daily photography blog and then link to Cardboardmetravels.com as the photos and narratives are returned to me.

If you want  a visit from Flat Ruthie/Cardboard Me,  email your snail mail address to cardboard.me.travels@gmail.com.  We’ll see where the blog travels, visit faraway friends,  highlight fellow bloggers blogs and have fun. I’m already headed to Canada, Omaha, Croatia, Missouri and Arkansas.

The only thing I’m now worried about is that I’m going to be wearing the same outfit everyday for a year.

Oprah might be on every cover of her magazine but at least her hair and outfit are different!

Cardboard me/Flat Ruthies cut out and ready to travel. Doing my part to support the USPS.

24 thoughts on “What I’m Thinking for 2012

    • I sent a short explanation with the Flat Ruthie. Mailed 12-23. You got the idea of it exactly. Email me the photos and write-up about you, your blog, my visit, your link to your blog, whatever you want to include. Right now I am at zero in the response department but I hope to get it all kicked off by New Year’s Day. Was thinking of once a week post for this project. So the guest writing and photos would be inked for a week, giving followers plenty of time to check it out plus new traffic. Thanks for participating.

  1. I have been very impressed with the one-post-per-day. I look forward to the future.

  2. I love the idea! Can’t wait to see where you go on all your travels!! Happy Holidays Ruth and enjoy the break!!

  3. Clever idea. You can travel the world with friends and family. Maybe I can take a flat Ruth E with me when I go away in June???.

  4. So very clever! Thank you so much for bringing all those wonderful memories to me these past years. I am looking forward to this next episode.

  5. Received Flat Ruthie in the mail today and tucked her safely in my camera bag. She’s anxiously anticipating a tour of Kansas City this weekend. Will let you know how it goes…

  6. Ruth, I’d be honored to participate! (In fact, I think you already have me in your queue – though I didn’t see my state listed in your post…) A very fun idea, lady! (Of course it is; you’re quite the creative soul.)

    • Thanks Stef. Just left for NOLA this afternoon and will head to MN next.

      I will mail my cardboard self to you. I am planning a once a week post.

      It seems fun to come up with something new for 2012. And it really will highlight everyone else’s blogs, too. A win win win!

      My 8 yo granddaughter helped me ready the images of me for the envelopes and loves the idea of Flat Ruthie as she did a Flat Stanley project herself.

      It will be interesting to see where my blog has traveled and a participant just emailed today asking to take “me” to Hawaii Jan 12th. Now that was a thrill! Another friend is taking me along to Italy so that is fun, too. I appreciate your thoughtful comments on the photos. Best, Ruth

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