19 thoughts on “Watching a Movie

  1. Excellent! This photo has a really warm feeling to it — maybe because of the fire in the background! It really captures the essence of childhood.

  2. Such a wonderful pic full of the innocence of children, all snuggled up in the security of the family. Precious photo, and brings back lots of fond memories of my boys when they were little – thank goodness those memories never fade – they are grown men now and one has children of his own.
    Thanks for sharing Ruth

    And, have a wonderful and happy NY.
    Best wishes

  3. How many times have they watched it since Christmas. I love listening to them laugh when they watch movies also.

  4. With a fire roaring in the background, no less – looks like a perfect way to spend a winter break evening. (I especially like that the doll babies were watching, too.) 🙂

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