Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Just when I thought the Weekly Photo Challenge was over as 2011 ended….it’s NOT!  This shot from my 2010 archives.  No flash. Taken with morning’s available light, in the family living room. His mom is getting out of the way as she has just taped up the flaps.

Launch conjures up outer space in my mind, a launch pad–  although I feel proud all three of my children and grown and launched.

Here’s Michael, patiently waiting for lift off.  He sure loves empty boxes.  The costume a Stormtrooper from Star Wars (Clone Wars?)   but in this case it’s an astronaut.   You saw Michael just after Christmas in another empty box (here if you missed it)

All Systems Go, Houston! Ready for Lift-off!


And if you go to this link you can see other bloggers’ responses to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Their links are in the comments section plus you can see the example photo of hot air balloons shown to inspire our responses to the challenge. Always an interesting variety of interpretations to the challenge and many excellent photographers’ work.

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

  1. Boy, do I remember the good old days when playing in cardboard boxes were the highlight of our days. In the wintertime we used them to slide down snow covered hills. Your post brought back these wonderful memories. Thank you!

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  4. I love it… Michael is adorable.. and has a great imagination, good for him, too many kids these days need to be entertained electronically or they scream “I’m bored”

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  6. You just have to love kids with imaginations….and Michael certainly has one! You can see in his eyes he’s just sure he’s going to take off! Great shot! As an aside…my Mother always said….”Only boring people get bored”. Never said that more than once!

  7. I can see that he has something with him in the box. I wonder what he was taking with him on his voyage into outer space?

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  9. Give a kid a box and they have fun all day long. It just seems like we were more creative back in the 50’s and 60’s. Not many kids today could have a whole day of fun with an empty box!! Jonathan would put Jennifer in a box and pull her all over the house and both of them giggled the whole time!

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  15. fun! i thought i had commented, but guess not.
    so will launch another (or a first) attempt.
    thanks for sharing this unique take on the challenge.
    how nice that they are back again!

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