Two Mannequins, Two Men

Walking along Carson Street on the South Side, a slight movement caught my eye.  I stopped. The man on the phone looked up.

I “asked” if I could take a picture with mime-like camera, he gave a nod yes, went back to his phone as I fumbled in my bag for my real camera, not my iPhone.  Had the settings wrong, took another one quick.  Got his attention and acted like I was typing, conveying I would email it as I hurried back to my car across the street.  I was thinking about the cookie jars in the second hand store across from the post office but I felt this was the shot of the day!

Southside Shop Window Like a Live Stage

13 thoughts on “Two Mannequins, Two Men

  1. Had you not mentioned the guy on the phone, I would have thought him to be a third mannequin. That’s some store, Ruth. I checked out their website and can’t quite figure out what they’re about.

  2. 2 LIVE-guys and 2 mannequins, right??? All in the window!!!! Or else that guy with the phone has LONG legs!! 🙂

  3. Hey. I love the photo. I’m the guy on the phone. Blasfome is a clothing brand we started in 2007. The store on East Carson Street is our flagship location. The Blasfome clothing collection is sold internationally and offers a full street culture influenced menswear line. The Blasfome clothing collection offers a unique perspective on street fashion with its “rules don’t apply to me” philosophy and signature simplicity.

    We are hosting an art show with Pittsburgh artist Danny Devine here is a link to the event.

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