20 Years Old + 3 Repairs- My Cookies Raw Inside!

Time for a new oven…..

And stove. (from Perla’s Appliance Plus Maytag Repairman statue post yesterday)

It was time! Past time.  It actually went kaput the day before the cookie bake off in December.  Fortunately  Erika’s Uncle and Aunt own the appliance store and they came right over to deliver on a SUNDAY!

This model certainly livens up the old kitchen. And matches the range hood.

I felt a little sad about discarding the one my parents had bought when we moved into this house in ’91.  But it wasn’t  reliable anymore.  Who knows how many meals I cooked for the kids on that one.  A lot!

This one looks “high end” to me. But it’s not. (Well, from afar it does to the untrained eye)

The stainless finish is an update from the white enamel and black top. Those burners seem so flimsy compared to these cast iron ones.

My sister had just given me an oven thermometer after her visit here in the fall. She knew something was wrong.  My signature cookies had to be pitched as the insides weren’t baked.

This is my justification for the splurge.  I think it will inspire me to cook more!

Not sure why all the blue reflection but took this with the iPhone as I made breakfast.  Seemed worthy of a post as it is what is happening in my life these days.  Now to learn more about a convection oven.

Made blueberry pancakes for breakfast on the detachable griddle/grill plate.

25 thoughts on “20 Years Old + 3 Repairs- My Cookies Raw Inside!

  1. Now that one is a beauty!! Just imagine all the fine recipes you’ll be inspired to try cooking and baking on/in this one! Isn’t it one of the best Splurges ever!!

  2. Congratulations are certainly in order! That is one beauty of an appliance. I’m always happy to witness the beginning of what promises to be a long, happy, and foodfull relationship.

  3. Beautiful oven and convection too? We have had our oven (with convection) for about 6 years now. Have never mastered the transition to convection so end up using the conventional. Please share your secret once you learn everything you need to know about cooking with a convection oven.

  4. Congrats on the new oven! I’m still cooking on a 1960s (?) Okeefe & Merritt that came with our house. But it’s still working fine so I guess it will be here for a while longer . . .

  5. Ohhh.. Ahhh! Sleek – has a new sleek teapot from FL arrived yet? A baby gift for your new stove.

  6. the “hostess with the mostess” deserves the bestest, call it justice!!! 🙂 [groan!] 🙂
    Enjoy your new appliance!! It looks FAB!!!

  7. Wow! But I am wondering how you made all those cookies for Laura’s wedding cookie table.

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