Unretouched, But Who’d Believe It?

Sunlight in January.  Blue sky.  Although predictions for the tonight and morning are snowfall, we are not convinced.  Everything has been mild and though some wet, it has felt almost like Spring.

I caught the sunlight on this  garage as I pulled out of the school parking lot and it was just aglow with the sun.  It was a one shot chance from the car window.  I know it looks like I increased the saturation on the red.  But I didn’t. This is how it looked.


Flat Ruthie is a VW Hood Ornament on Cardboard Me Travels 

It looked like a jewel to me.

17 thoughts on “Unretouched, But Who’d Believe It?

  1. If the theme of the week ever comes up as “patriotism,” this photo could be in the running: RED and white houses, with blue sky!!! 🙂

    • I think the person who did it has a first name that begins with a K. Or would that be G?? Too funny. Thanks for contributing to the adventures of cardboard Ruth

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