Murphy the Airedale Terrier’s Tenth Birthday

You’ve seen him many times on the blog.  His endearing personality and stuffed animal appearance make him a satisfying (and willing) subject to photograph. He wants to be in the pictures with the family.  I know some readers are not “dog people” but Murphy is an important member of the family and I know they will enjoy telling him he is “on the blog”!

The recent Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful, featured Murph under a shade tree in Hardy, VA and he was on earlier today, being patient as Anna and Maura put sock monkeys on his back.

I didn’t give him proper recognition for his TENTH birthday which is TODAY!  January 24th!!

My sister sent the hat and bone from NYC and I photographed him on Saturday with his birthday treat.

I said,” Whatcha doin’ Murph?” and he stopped gnawing and looked up at me, so tolerant of old Grandma and her camera lens, frequently pointed in his direction.

An early post before Midnight so it is ON the day, not belated. Happy Birthday Murphy.


35 thoughts on “Murphy the Airedale Terrier’s Tenth Birthday

    • He belongs to my eldest son and his wife and family in Columbus but he is quite special to me. Thanks for looking and writing a nice comment. Any cake left?

  1. 10 years old and yet he was present at The Manger? Well, that must’ve been where Murph learned to be so good with children. Then again, he does have the best of birthdays, January 24th. All born on the 24th are destined for greatness. Trust me. I know. 😉

    • Happy birthday to you!
      Yes, I had to include the manger scene photo.
      Thanks for your thoughtful and supportive comments!

  2. Oh oh oh what a priceless and adorable series of photos – liked Chgo John’s comment about Murphy being present at the Manger!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Beautiful dog, beautiful photos — especially the black and white of Murph, looking patient and steadfast, and the little girl (sucking her thumb!). That’s iconic, belongs in “The Family of Man” or some other classic collection…

  4. Loved those great “dog is man’s best friend” photos. What a gorgeous animal with such a wonderful personality! Especially enjoyed ChgoJohn’s comment.

      • He’s so adorable. His feet! Omg 🙂
        Thanks so much for following. I hope you leave a comment on my latest post and let everyone know why you blog! And please leave a link to your blog so everyone can come see your cute grandson hehe =P

  5. Oh gosh, what a GREAT guy he is! I love all of the shots with him and one of the kids; he’s such a tolerant boy! (I especially liked the image of him with the little boy’s feet resting on his back, and of the little girl hugging him while sucking her thumb. Both are treasures!)

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