The Passenger’s View

Took the eighth grade on a Field Trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art to view the Tennie Harris,Photographer: American Story show. We had a wonderful day.  Here’s the view from the passenger seat.  (note the sidewalk on the right is stairs!) You can see the stop sign at the bottom of the hill.  And the reflection of the  school bus in the right side mirror. Shot through glass on a snowy day.

Through the front window. It was great to be a passenger.

16 thoughts on “The Passenger’s View

  1. I loved the Teenie Harris exhibit. With all your photos of Pittsburgh, maybe one day I’ll be going to see the Ruth E exhibit. . .

  2. Funny how I can see the beauty in any snowfall — except for the one occurring on my own walkway. What a chore it must be to clear those steps after each snow! Here in Chicago, we can get fined $100.00 if we do not clear the walkway in from of our buildings. I’ve not heard of anyone getting fined but I really don’t want to find out any more about it.

  3. Can this shot be any other place but Pittsburgh??? Glad you were not driving!!! Any comments on the Teenie Harris Show?????

  4. My parents lived in PIttsburg for a few years, on a crazy hillside road like that. You are so good about taking your camera everywhere you go. I need to get better about that.

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