First Jelly Roll I’ve Baked in Years and a Blooming Hellebore

Filled With Homemade Four Fruit Jam- Sour Cherries, Raspberries, Gooseberries and Currants

I brought the dessert.

Otherwise Known as a Lenten Rose

These bloom in the snow and are quite beautiful.  Hellebore is a hell of a name, though. My friend is quite a gardener.

Matzoh Ball Soup and Homebaked Challah
Full Moon from my Driveway

18 thoughts on “First Jelly Roll I’ve Baked in Years and a Blooming Hellebore

  1. My gosh, woman! Where is that bread recipe?? I’m sooo glad you posted a jelly roll.. my mom used to make them when I was about 4 or 5 years old and I have wonderful memories of her making these! xo Smidge

  2. I can remember my mum making them too! I made one at school once. I loved the photos – especially your drive way!


  3. This entry is certainly no “HellBore” Especially the Matzoh Ball set dinner table…the big Matzoh Ball in the sky over the homestead doesn’t bore me at all either…almost as enticing as the jelly roll…
    Bless You
    Great site…

  4. That jelly roll, Ruth, couldn’t be more perfectly made! I’d swear you’ve been making them for years. The table looks inviting and the soup comforting, the perfect setting for a nice meal. I really enjoyed all 4 photos. Thanks!

  5. I’ve been thinking about jellyrolls since pulling out my pan for Texas sheet cake. Yours is perfection. And I love that dark hellebore, which reminds me that I want to add some of those to my lighter ones in the yard. Great post!

  6. I agree with ChgoJohn, that jelly roll is super impressive! And I love the picture of the full moon above your home. It feels like a warm, inviting place.

  7. What a fabulous series of photos! YOu are about ready to post again – sure glad I did not miss these!!!! XOXOXO

  8. Love these extra large images of such beautiful and delicious stuff! Jelly roll – wow. I need to do that one day.

  9. Hi Ruth!
    Thanks for “stopping by my place” today 🙂 I’m really enjoying all your photos from around the world – but these today are making my mouth water!
    Mazel tov on the beautifully perfect jelly roll – how satisfying to succeed when you weren’t sure you would.

    Did you make the challah, too? That’s my favorite kind of bread, and I’m tempted to try making some – even though I’ve never ‘done’ any type of bread that didn’t come out of a tube or the freezer case ~ (I guess finding a good recipe would be Step One, eh?)

    Bright Blessings ~ Karen

  10. Great photos, great food, LOVE the jelly-roll – can I come to supper please? – And many thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Ah, the jelly roll brings back so many memories. Yours looks great as they are difficult to roll in one piece! My father used to make them–a dark chocolate with whipped cream filling right from the freezer with a cherry sauce! BTW–you set a nice table.!

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