Fresh Spring Rolls from Tram’s Kitchen

Everyone I know has been talking diets lately.  Paleo, Eat for your Blood Type, Low Carbs, No Carbs and a couple of Vegetarians.  After speaking with a friend about her shopping and cooking for the day I started thinking I wanted a hamburger on a white bread bun with grilled onions and a side of fries made from some regular old white potatoes,  the four cheese macaroni and cheese at Tin Front Cafe or just a trough of grain.

Steve brought this offering home Tuesday evening and I found it on the kitchen table, right next to the box of Clementines when I arrived. I photographed the tray of Fresh Spring Rolls right then- before we ate them!  I sliced one in half so you could see the interior.  There’s a detailed  review of Tram’s Kitchen  at TastyBurgher here  and an AllMenus link full menu and reviews here.  The tiny containers of sauce- peanut or HOT chili really accent the Vietnamese Spring Rolls.  *And Tom and Chee posted a new note on their webpage with a link to the Cardboard Me Travels blog 

Tram's Kitchen Fresh Spring Rolls

They were delicious.

Tram's Kitchen Fresh Spring Rolls

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  1. I love Tram’s Kitchen! It is right up the hill from my house, and I recently discovered it. Such a great vibe and incredible food. However, I am now extremely hungry. -kate

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