Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

What does down mean to me?  It’s something I prefer not to be.

I’m Down by the Beatles is a favorite

Down on the Corner by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The Stars Look Down by Rush

Lots of songs with direction.

We all know plenty of people who try bring us down. One thing I know- I used to shoot a lot of single gloves and mittens on pavement,  a baby shoe in the gutter, scratch-off lottery ticket, manhole covers, sidewalks that are stairs.  Brides pushing the down elevator button to the lobby.

I used to hear,” I’m down with that.”

Here’s my response to the weekly photo challenge: down.  Looking down at my granddaughter Anna as she’s playing in the grass at Aunt Linda and Uncle Frank’s house. I have her in focus in another image with the feet blurred but I selected this single shot for down.   Original file not available so it’s a cropped screen shot from an online photo gallery I don’t use much anymore. 

Here are the responses of fellow bloggers for this week’s challenge: down.

35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. Ruth, no lie, I, quite literally, laughed out loud when I saw that photo! Not only do your grandchildren relax before your camera’s lens, they’re learning that the camera is nothing to fear. I foresee many great photos in their collective futures, even more so because of your “sympathetic” eye!

    • Hearing your laughter (via your comment) made my day! What more could a photographer ask for than to know an image evoked such a response?
      Thank you for your encouraging words, Chicago John.

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  4. This little piggie went to market, this little piggie stayed home. This is just fun to look at and remember the days of our youth. Great photo for the weekly challenge.



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  7. Great interpretation…and I like it feet-focused, it tells a great story. Plus you can see her expression just well enough to add to that story. Great job!

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  9. Little toes always make me smile; and seeing her innocent grin in the fuzzy background adds eve more delight to this image. Wonderful.

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