Carrie Furnace Reflection in the Monongahela River

With the sun sinking as I was headed to Swissvale to deliver Girl Scout cookies for Anna, I saw Carrie Furnace and the river in a warm glow.  I pulled into the Rivers of Steel parking lot and got out of the car and photographed a few  shots of the reflection.  And then I saw the full moon in the frame!  Good to return to a location shot before and to try to capture a different light and scene. No barge today. A travel channel video on the history and a tour of Carrie Furnace is here.  The autumn view is here.

17 thoughts on “Carrie Furnace Reflection in the Monongahela River

    • Thanks for sharing your photos Francine. I have never been in the place but hope to in the future. Maybe you can come with me and show me the highlights.

  1. Isn’t this close to the Homestead labyrinth? …. also “maintained” by Rivers of Steel.” I’ll have to find out where they are located!

  2. You captured the beautiful light perfectly Ruth! Carrie Furnace is a little like some of the old barns that I’ve been photographing… they’re remnants of a rich history left to decay in the fields.

  3. Thank you so much for capturing and sharing part of Pittsburgh’s history. I remember sitting in the back seat of my dad’s car and seeing how the Homestead Works just lite up the city as we drove home from my Grandma’s. I really enjoyed the video website. Thanks so much.

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