Carmela Baked All These Breads for St. Joseph Feast Day

Tuesday afternoon I met a friend for dinner. We used to teach in the same school but are in different schools across the city now. It was good to catch up.  When we walked into the restaurant,La Tavola Italiana, I could not believe what I saw in front of me!  A St. Joseph Feast spread from the day before.  Later Carmela came out to speak with us about how we were enjoying our dinners and she was taking photos with her iPad to send to her family. She uses the iPad to keep the restaurant calendar for parties and other aspects of her business.

I asked if she made the St. Joseph Cavazunes filled with the chick peas and she said, “NO, they are Calabrese.” She is Sicilian and she makes Zeppoles.

I said that I’d photographed all the bread and would send her the photos but would she like to pose with all her handiwork and she did!  I didn’t notice she put the iPad down onto the cloth in front until I saw it on the computer. She was gracious to allow me to photograph her. NEXT year we have to go to actual feast!  It sounded like a terrific party.

And speaking of party?  Click to hear Chicago John’s Italian Song Selection

24 thoughts on “Carmela Baked All These Breads for St. Joseph Feast Day

  1. That’s just incredible! A cornucopia? St. Joe’s staff? I am amazed and a little jealous. I’ve got a year to find a similar celebration here in Chi-town. And so the Quest begins ….


    • If you can’t find one, maybe you and a team could create one!
      It was a sight to behold! I was so excited to share the photos with you cause I knew you would appreciate them.


  2. Very creative. The breads displayed are works of art. I’m glad I was able to dance again to John’s song. I was dancing when I first heard it yesterday and I am dancing this morning. What a happy song. Your photos are amazing.



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