Einstein in the Flower Shop on the Corner

The sign in the window says, BEWARE OF DOG!   I’ve driven by this place for almost six years as I go back and forth to school everyday.  Sometimes there are balloons tied to the signboard outside. It’s on the corner at Brownsville Road-  PLANTS & FLOWERS by Lisa .

Today I pulled over to the curb, ignored the meter, got out and went inside. I was headed to Bridgeville to visit a friend. Einstein used to have two white tufts of hair that stuck out, hence his name.  The two women were really helpful to me and I asked if I might photograph him and they agreed.  I thought about the flower shop as I left and drove in traffic, finding my way to Bridgeville. I’d heard that photographing animals with a black fur coat is difficult and looking at the shots now (available light) I concur. But those eyes were really checking me out!  Einstein was friendly and wanted to communicate. Must be used to new customers off the street.

My grandmother worked in a flower shop in Lincoln, Illinois, and when I was small I would visit her there.  I remember the spools of ribbon, the sticky green tape, the wire stands and styrofoam base, that green squishy foam and of course the smell of the place but the thing that sticks with me the most was her can of spinach and a hard boiled egg she kept in the cooler for lunch.

18 thoughts on “Einstein in the Flower Shop on the Corner

  1. Wow! Einstein is gorgeous and you took the most stunning shots Ruth! And look how he is smelling the flowers! I love flower shops too. They smell absolutely divine!
    Is that the “dog” that people must be beware of? LOL!

  2. Really enjoy seeing photos of interior of a flower shop again! Several have closed in East End with coming of WFM and TJ’s … and Giant Eagle. Addition of the cat-in-blooms story is great!

  3. My grandfather and his partner owned a landscaping company, and had a flower shop and nursery – Colfax Nursery across from the school. I loved that shop! It has been gone for many years. It was always fun to be there at Easter time!

  4. I can’t believe how much Einstein looks like my black cat Tilly – same eyes and beautiful black fur! Love all the shots you took. Also, good spring photos – wish I had a vase full of fragrant flowers!

  5. When I was in 6th grade, I worked for a day in a flower shop (part of an “experience a career” lesson). What I most remember is the sticky green tape (it ain’t easy wrapping those wires!), and how cold I was all day long.

    As for photographing animals with black fur, I absolutely agree. I can’t get a decent shot of our two black dogs. Interestingly, when Charlie and I were in dog training, the trainer told us that movies and TV shows never cast black animals, for that very same reason.

    • Thanks for all the likes and thoughtful comments. Did you photograph the rubber band ball or aluminum foil ball? Will check out your blog too. Thank you

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      • I left them behind in Texas when I moved suddenly to San Diego. Don’t know what happened to them, but I know one of my office managers really liked them so he might have taken them to Austin with him when he graduated.

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