We’re Talking Trash Now

Shot while walking down Fifth Avenue in NYC  with my sister when I was on Spring Break.  Waiting for pick-up.

I didn’t count them but it was definitely eye catching.  

11 thoughts on “We’re Talking Trash Now

  1. It is a shock for most non-New Yorkers to see their trash waiting to be collected. I had the misfortune of being there during a garbage strike one July. Not pleasant.

  2. My neighbor and I have 8 bags like these out on the curb this morning!!! I guess for “Off Campus Housing Center” this is not very many per unit??? But, it IS such a neat, tidy line-up for NYC!!! 🙂 Ours isn’t this tidy!!

  3. It always amazes me to see bags of trash in NYC. I just don’t see that where I live – and my city doesn’t have *nearly* the amount of infrastructure as NYC!

  4. I remember when I was growing up in NYC and that scene you posted was common. As a point of fact I took my wife to see NYC recently and didn’t see any trash at which point she turned to me and said “Didn’t you say New York was dirty?” Great picture and thanks for stopping by wanderinggenie. Look forward to more of your work. Cheers

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