Peda in the Indian Grocery Case

Peda, White

Took this photograph when I was in NYC on Spring Break and my sister was shopping in the Indian Grocery shop.

Here is a recipe for the sweet peda. Flavored with cardamon.  It is made with khoya  “semi-solid thickened milk”  One post said it is similar to ricotta cheese texture but I haven’t made it and would like to know and the recipe says to “grate the khoya” so that doesn’t possible if it is similar to ricotta.  Not enough research but hope someone will comment and fill in the gaps.  I was attracted to it in the case and I shot through the glass.

9 thoughts on “Peda in the Indian Grocery Case

  1. I’m not sure what is meant by that “semi-solid” statement either. The ricotta I make and am familiar with is quite creamy. There is a hard ricotta, ricotta salata, and it can be grated but it’s hardly semi-solid. If I remember, next time I’m in one of the Indian markets, I’ll ask about it.

  2. They look like little button mushrooms to me – but cardamom suggests that they are sweet? I’m intrigued… Did you try one?

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