For My Son on Father’s Day

Last year my Father’s Day post was honoring my father and this year I am honoring my son who is a wonderful father (along with Erika their wonderful mom)  to the four children pictured-  Anna, Michael, Jack (John) and Maura.

Murphy is an important part of clan so while I watched the kids tonight and we were playing in the back yard I tried to get a shot of each of them for the Father’s Day post, the 1000th post!

Happy Father’s Day Mark!.  love, Mom

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23 thoughts on “For My Son on Father’s Day

  1. Those beautiful children are so lucky to have a wonderful father (and mother). What great pictures for number 1000!

  2. And your third generation lights up another day…Wonderful photos of gorgeous kids. How proud and fulfiled you must feel with your family! Happy Mother’s/Father/sGrandma’s Day to you. Love, Lois

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    • Imagine that! Your comment makes my day. Thanks John. You can tell how at ease they are with me and my camera which is difficult for many, to relax and trust I will do my best by them.

  4. Happy Father’s Day , Mark! You are lucky to have such a beautiful family! Ruth, you always bring out the best in everyone through your skilled photography. Thanks for sharing

  5. Congratulations Ruthie on your 1000th blog. You are amazing. Such a lovely tribute to a great DAD, Mark you are the best.

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