Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Godmother and Goddaughter- (Lala in her Cheesecake Factory days with the tie)

More than close being “near- meaning very little space between”  I was choosing based on close “as in relationship and feeling.”

Brothers toasting before a wedding.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

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  2. I love the energy in the brothers’ toast at the wedding, as close as close can be:)
    By the way, your ping back (it was a ping back you did?) ended up in my Spam can, for some reason:(

    • Wonder why the pingback went to Spam this time. I will check my spam for ping backs cause usually I just empty the Spam without looking.
      Seem to get quite a bit of it lately.
      Thanks for the comment today. I liked your mother and child, too. The feeling!

  3. Love the toasting and thanks for the pingback…
    by the way, this pingback message was in my spam box. Just so you know.
    Have a great week!

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