13 thoughts on “No Yard for the Sign

  1. I’m a veteran. I was an Air Force Officer from 1969 – 1971 (during the height of the Vietnam War). I really appreciate the “Thank You!” in the yard sign attached to their home, and I really appreciate their good intentions and their obvious sincerity. I don’t want to sound critical or unappreciative, and I probably shouldn’t even type this comment. However, I really wonder about the American educational system when people confuse “your” with “you’re.” It isn’t really that complicated, is it?

  2. Great sign, even with the grammatical error. Kind of made me smile because there was no dirt to stick it in.

  3. You have to give them credit. They weren’t about to let their lawnless yard prevent them form posting their sign. Good for them!

  4. This is really a great photo and tells so many stories. The misspelled thank you sign, the decals in the window, the tired face of the front of the house, the plastic lawn chair and the garbage bin. Thanks for taking me outside the computer for a moment. I can imagine that there’s a neighborhood bar around the corner and hard faced middle schoolers walking past on their way to someplace else. When I was in the navy I had a friend once from an East Coast ghetto who told me he wanted to move to California to get away from the slums. I told him there were slums in California too but he said, “yeah, but they’re NEW slums…” This picture brought that conversation back.

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