Inspired by Three of My Favorite Fellow Bloggers

You’ve read their comments on my blogs.  Flat Ruthie has been fortunate to  have been hosted by all three bloggers.

I’ve posted links to their photographs and recipes for some wonderful dishes.

It’s summer vacation and I’ve a bit more time on my hands. Have a plan to try some new recipes and what better way than to experiment with fellow bloggers posts of beautiful and delicious dishes.

And my daughter-in-law’s kitchen makes me feel like I’m on a cooking show! Six burner stove and all.

When I forwarded her the recipe for Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Citrus she agreed it would be good for dinner and we had all the ingredients, including fresh tarragon from her garden.  You can get the recipe at Rufus Food and Spirits Guide  and see a great looking photo of Greg’s Roast Chicken. I am already behind as yesterday Katherine posted a Blue Crab Dip recipe and today it is stuffed zucchini. I can’t keep up!

And a nod to Chicago John as I attempted to make the garlic cloves fall onto my keyboard but was unsuccessful! (see his posts of berries and an earlier one of peas at his blog From the Bartolini Kitchens ) Watch for a future post as I make homemade pasta for the first time.

Food photography is a challenge unless I’m just shooting what I’m eating.  When I try to set something up, think too much about it and what I am trying to accomplish,  it’s stressful.

People as subjects seem easier than assembled ingredients.

 By the way the aroma alone is worth the cooking effort for this recipe.

Divine! and delicious. The kids loved it!  So thanks to Greg and Katherine and Chicago John.

8 thoughts on “Inspired by Three of My Favorite Fellow Bloggers

  1. Greg’s recipe did sound real good and you’ve just confirmed it. Yay! He & Katherine have a seemingly endless stream of tasty dishes to share, don’t they?
    Thanks, Ruth, for the shout out and kind words. I must admit, though, that without your eye, skill, and camera, those pics are more a result of a bright sun and a great deal of luck than anything else on my part. I had no idea that my little point-and-shoot had it in him! 🙂

  2. You’re too hard on yourself. Your food photography is great. Although shooting a chicken might not be as fun as other stuff. Thanks for the kind words. John’s one of our favorites too. Glad you tried the recipe.

  3. I think these three people have some of the top recipes in this blogging world of ours! I keep wondering if there’s an alternate universe out there where everyone is as linked, lol? I wish I had your photography skills.. I can only seem to photograph food that sits still on a plate;) xo Smidge

  4. This looks delicious! I also like the links. I agree the three food bloggers are the best. Thanks for sharing.


  5. The three folks you have featured are very worthy of callouts. I love that you have Greg & Katherine’s blog on your iPhone in the pic. 🙂

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