The Book Loft of German Village – Columbus OH – Independent Bookstore

Not many independent booksellers left in my city of Pittsburgh.

If you come to Columbus, Ohio you must visit this bookstore. In fact, plan a trip to Columbus so you can go to this bookstore.

Thirty-two rooms of books!

 I spent most of time in the children’s section but you could lose yourself for hours in any one of the sections- travel, cookbooks, business, art, mystery, fiction, bestsellers, biography, magazines…..

My DIL’s friend, Christina, recommended it as I had some time in the city after dropping my granddaughter and her daughter off for Writing Camp at the Thurber House, but that is another whole post.

 Laura and I had lunch at the Brown Bag Deli and after I took her back to work, I followed her directions and found the Book Loft. The number 631 was the same number as my parents home so that was fun.

It is an Independent Bookstore  and here is their link- The Book Loft of German Village 

My big purchase of the day was 4 Advent Calendars from Germany which reminded me of growing up and when we lived in Germany, too. I got an iced coffee at Cup O Joe next door.  The building is pre Civil War and there is more info about it on their website. Left in time to drive back to pick up the girls from camp and they were so excited after taking a field trip to the Topiary Park Garden.

Summer vacation is in full swing!

10 thoughts on “The Book Loft of German Village – Columbus OH – Independent Bookstore

  1. Loved the German Village when we were there in November. Had a good lunch, but missed the book store. It sounds amazing! Have a great summer!!

  2. 32 room book sale?!?!? There goes an afternoon!
    I hope these independent shops don’t go the way of the dodo. There’s one near here that I make a point to visit and purchase something just to give them business. I don’t know how much it helps but it couldn’t hurt.

  3. Ooh. Nice. Our favorite is Powell’s books in Portland, but this sounds fantastic. I have no doubt we will be driving cross-country again at some point in the future, and we usually go through Ohio. So I will keep a note of this bookstore!

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