What Mark Did With My Camera When I Went to the Concession Stand

Mark, will you hold my camera while I take Maura to the concession stand?

Scroll down and see the Stop Action Video,  These are all stills I put into iMovie to make a stop action clip with all the photos Mark shot while he held my camera.

We were disappointed that Mark’s HS friend and daughter and his parents couldn’t make it.  A flight cancellation due to thunderstorms in NYC put the squash on the long awaited weekend plan.

It was a hot afternoon

 Mark holding Maura and Anna on the Roberto Clemente Bridge approach. Maura had just been awakened in the car when we arrived at the park. I had fun buying team regalia for the family in the Strip District the day before they came to town.

Mark photographed me with my granddaughters by Willie Stargell statue

 Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Detroit Tigers.

Headed for the car in the garage.

9 thoughts on “What Mark Did With My Camera When I Went to the Concession Stand

  1. Nice pictures of trip to PNC park on a winning day. Nice picture of you and the grandchildren. The video was fun to watch.


  2. You know I absolutely love those pictures. I was at PNC Sunday. It was a good weekend for baseball.

  3. Great set of pics, Ruth. Such a disappointment that Mark’s friend couldn’t make it. No matter how technologically advanced we get, we still have to make allowances for Mother Nature.

  4. You continue to enjoy the “classic” Pittsburgh events!!! Love you 3 “girls” gathered around Stargell!

  5. I think it is HILARIOUS that Mark took tons of pictures when all you said was, “Hey, can you hold my camera?” Awesome.

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