Men at Work on a Water Tower along Orange Road

We were driving back from the store and I was in the third seat of the van with two of the grandchildren.

My DIL said, quick get your camera. There are men painting the water tower.  d-e-l-a-w (a- r -e)  I think.

Talk about fleeting moment, she was about to fly by and I was stuck in the back of the van.

She said, I’ll slow down ( going about 45mph) Ha.  Somehow I shot through the back window’s glass. You can see the reflection of a white fence.  I had the 24-70 lens on the camera.

The one we scraped the stickers off the window just recently. Good thing. I can’t imagine working that high off the ground.

Painting the water tower on Orange Road


10 thoughts on “Men at Work on a Water Tower along Orange Road

  1. Gee, Ruth. You’ve got your entire family trained and looking for “shots.” And i agree with you about heights. I could never work that high off the ground. Never.

  2. Ruth E – you know you wanted to get your artistic self up there and jazz up that water tower!

  3. If it were Delaware would it not be CAPITALized … maybe you were reading between the lines…

  4. SCAREY! And that contraption they are in is tilted – looks like plastic in the photo! 🙂

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  6. I’ve said it before, and I’ll most likely say it again: you are lightening fast with that camera of yours! I think you would have made a bad-ass cowboy in the Wild West (drawing pistols from their holsters and all).

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