Pay Phone Missing in Short North- Guest Blog

My daughter Laura sent me this photo from her iPhone to my iPhone. She was the one who turned 21 in the Weekly Photo Challenge: fleeting moment post. She’ll be 29 in August.

She and her husband James were walking in Short North, going to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Shop  (she had a scoop of grapefruit and a scoop of lemon and blueberries frozen yogurt, cause she told me when I asked.

“James had his usual”     Laura said and I knew what it was but had to get the official name of the flavor on Jeni’s website  

The Buckeye State
“Our version of Ohio’s favorite confection. Rich and salty peanut butter yields to the crunch of exceptional dark chocolate for perfect balance. Total comfort for Buckeyes and Buckeyes at heart.”

Anyway, I digress.  This is about the pay phone and the missing pay phone.

I remember the days of pay phones and phone booths, a pile of change.

She saw this and I bet she thought, my mom would photograph this!   I have photographed and posted a similar scene in Wisconsin in 2009.

It’s fun to receive photos from family and friends.  Thanks Laura.

9 thoughts on “Pay Phone Missing in Short North- Guest Blog

  1. Up until recently, there were still signs along the freeways and turnpikes indicating a pay phone would be available at the next exit. The times, they are a-changing …

  2. Oops – what happened here? Maroon 5 is still singing a song about calling from a Pay Phone!!

  3. I love the Uncle Sam peering through the glass, as if to wonder where the phone went…

    The Buckeye ice cream sounds fantastic! I made buckeyes for a fourth grade class presentation about Ohio – I still remember how the kids in the class loved them. Funny what little things stick in our minds…

  4. I guess pay phones are just one more story we’ll get to tell our grandchildren and great grandchildren! I think the beautiful red ones in England are making their way into homes are interior design objects.. xo Smidge

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