The Radio Said One Hundred One…..

German Village, Columbus OHIO. Back to the Book Loft on Third Street.

We were headed to Cup O Joe for an iced coffee or something wet. The thermometer said ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN!

And the humidity was right up there along with the temperature. The boys T-ball games cancelled due to the heat.

When I showed the iPhone image to Mark after supper, he called the boys to look at the photo asking them Who would like this picture? They said it would be me.

They looked more carefully than I did. They saw the Stars and Stripes of the American Flag reflected. Because I was born on the Fourth of July, my DIL and son have told the grandchildren how I love American Flags and everything Red White and Blue. A real Yankee Doodle Dandy !

They point them out everywhere we go. It has become a game in the car to see who can find them.

How comforting it is to know that when I’m gone and they see one (sometimes they are 1/4 of an inch on a cereal box) I will come to mind-

They call to me and tell me to look so I can see it. This year one of my birthday presents was a Red White and Blue apron with a flag motif.

Being so focused on the temperature this afternoon and the quick iPhone shot as we left the Book Loft, I did not even notice or see the reflection of the flag at the 12 spot if it were a clock.

What a gift of a reflection, captured unintentionally.

16 thoughts on “The Radio Said One Hundred One…..

  1. Love the story, the flag and the photo. Could do without the temp : ( Hope you and your family are staying cool Ruth.

  2. What a great way to be remembered. They’ll tell their children about it. “Did you know that your great-grandmother. . .”

  3. Wonderful that your grandkids see a flag and think of you, though I think they’ll remember you in many other ways, as well.
    Our temperatures broke late yesterday. It’s nice being able to enjoy the outdoors again.

  4. 111Β°? Holy cats! That’s unreal!

    In California we’d have 111Β°-113Β° days but that was with super dry conditions. The humidity would hit like 17% and the town would freak out because it was “so high”.

    They have NO idea what 111Β° with 80% humidity (and more) is like.

    “Heat Index”? Another thing they have no idea about.

    Stay cool, stay hydrated, stay safe!

  5. It really is wonderful that every time they see a flag, they will think of you. I have a similar thing with my grandfather: Whenever he would come for a visit, we would go for a walk – and always find loose change on the ground. Now every time I see any change on the ground when I’m out and about, he immediately pops into my mind – and I smile and send him a mental hug.

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