Black Widow Adds a Lot of Screams to the Park

Back and forth, as a pendulum.

Spin round and round simultaneously.  Not to mention the height.     Oh my.

I shot this angle at dusk.

No, I did not ride it but was fascinated by the long lines of people waiting to get onto it and be scared out of their minds.  The screams rated high in decibels.

You can read a great article about it and there is a video link to view as well.  Plan a vacation in Pittsburgh and take the Black Widow at Kennywood.


12 thoughts on “Black Widow Adds a Lot of Screams to the Park

  1. Well, at 63 years old now, I don’t plan on riding something anywhere near anything as scarey as that looks! My son would LOVE it, though!

  2. I put off viewing this post for a few hours, Ruth. The thought of looking at a real black widow spider gave me the willies and I almost deleted the post without viewing it. Yeah, I’m a coward!

  3. I just read that we have a similar ride here in the UK at one of the parks. Apparently, a 43 year old woman got off the ride and within a few minutes suffered a massive cardiac arrest. Even with immediate on site help it appears she died on the spot. ” The park owners and the police inspected the ride and once they were assured that the ride was not responsible for the woman’s death, the ride was reopened”.

    Scary stuff eh? Whew!

  4. To paraphrase FDR’s First Inaugural Address: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself … and spiders.” By the way, that is a really great shot, as someone already said above. Ruth, these type of photos that you take are really remarkable. I think a lot of people would say that’s just a simple “point and shoot” photo. Well, I’m just an amateur photographer, but I can’t get a photo of mine to look like that. The way you have the ride framed, and the roller coaster in the background, and the crisp lines! Wow, that is a terrific photo!

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