Camera Flash Must Have Awakened This Doll



Last week when I was in Columbus visiting the family, I noticed my youngest granddaughter Maura’s  baby dolls all lined up on the ottoman in the family room.

There wasn’t much available light and the auto flash went off on the iPhone as I shot the picture.

It wasn’t until I looked on the screen, that I noticed the middle doll’s expression on her face!  I ‘d just been trying to capture the tidy line-up of little doll bodies. 

22 thoughts on “Camera Flash Must Have Awakened This Doll

  1. That is brilliant – you could come up with all sorts of captions to go with 🙂 such as “Get me out of here – there are taking up all the space!!” They are very cute dolls. The little girl in me still loves dolls.

  2. Maura is so much like her mom. She well take all her babies to bed with her and they take up more of the bed then she does.

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