Wind Up Toys

Sunday morning. Breakfast at Joan’s.  A cadre of colorful windup toys in her kitchen… I asked if I could photograph them. I can’t remember a specific windup toy I had as a child but these all felt familiar and provided a relaxing and fun time as she wound them up and they executed their motion while I tried to photograph them.

Guess they are making a big comeback.  I am going to get some for me  the grandkids so I they can play with these adorable windup toys. 


11 thoughts on “Wind Up Toys

  1. so cute. Off to Chicago on Friday and FL. on Monday. Missed you at the Veterans Dinner. Love, Judy

  2. Those are great pictures. They do bring back memories to a simpler time. Boy, don’t I sound old.

  3. Lovely and so colourful. I used to have a few wind-ups as a kid. I didn’t know they mad anything without batteries these days. 🙂 I must have a look for a couple for my little grandson.

  4. The drumming bear is a classic. As a kid, we had little ‘monster’ type wind-ups that ran all over the place. I still remember the ‘whirring’ sound they made…

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