First Class Mail Brought a Box of Whoppers

Laura noticed a box of Junior Mints (mailed right in their original box) in a post she saw on Pinterest!

Now I have a Pinterest account but don’t really know what to do with it but she saw the mailing of the box of candy, the size you might have gotten at a movie theatre years ago.

Slap a label on it and head to the Post Office and they didn’t blink an eye. Just asked if the contents were hazardous, liquid, flammable  or fragile?   There is a whole listing at Pinterest of fun things to mail.  

(It reminded me of when her brother Mark sent her a coconut from Hawaii when he was stationed  in USMC.  A coconut with stamps!) 

By the way, Laura told me on the phone tonight that eating Malted Milk Balls gives her the chills, like fingernails on the blackboard, the texture of them makes her cringe.

But she remembers it was the candy of my choice when I was in high school. A good friend and I could’ve choked to death, loading our mouths with them, seeing how many we could fit in at once.   Seriously.

I tasted a couple tonight and the coating tasted a bit like I imagine car wax to taste and the inside seemed a bit stale, dry and sandy and less enjoyable or flavorful as I remember loving malted milk balls.  My taste buds must have changed.

But they were fun to receive and shake the box and think about her mailing them to me right in the box!  Thanks for the fun in the mail, Laura.  A terrific post holiday pick-me-up!

Malted Milk Balls

7 thoughts on “First Class Mail Brought a Box of Whoppers

  1. I just field a complaint with the Post Office over missing/stolen mail and yet a box of Whoppers is delivered, no problem. I now have a PO box but maybe I should have just asked everyone to send me their mail in candy cartons.

  2. Like Chicago John- I, too, must file the PO form to have them reimburse my costs or track down a Christmas box that was not delivered.
    Very disappointing.

  3. I never would have thought to mail a box of candy as-is; that’s kinda fun!

    I’m with Laura about the texture, though; I never could get past the gritty, grindy insides. And I think your description about the waxy “chocolate” coating is spot on. 🙂

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