C is for Chocolate Covered Cherry

My friend brought a fancy box of chocolates when she came to dinner Saturday night. And they are delicious. The Betsy Ann Chocolates business is close to her home. Lucky us!

One of the pieces was a chocolate covered cherry (with the “c” on top) just as she advised me. I like to eat a chocolate covered cherry on occasion.

Do you?

Chocolate Covered cherries. Yes or no?

M&M’S Yes or No?

Peanut or Regular M&M’S yes or no?

M&M’S Peanut Chocolate Candies were introduced in 1954 and the color used to print the “m” on M&M’S Plain and Peanut Chocolate Candies was changed from black to white” you can design your own. Personalize them, too.

They were so colorful. Like paint chips! I had to photograph them.

Consider the Gumball Machine

When’s the last time you saw one?

Monday morning I took Steve’s car to get some new tires before winter sets in. My friend V had told me about a Family owned tire business Laurel Gardens Tire Service Inc.

You wait about an hour while they mount the tires. There’s a TV on, pots of coffee. I knit on some socks. Right near me were some classic gumball and candy vending machines.

If I’ve seen a gumball machine in recent years, I don’t remember. They didn’t register in my brain. Can’t you just hear the sound the machine makes as you twist the knob and the gumball rolls down the metal chute. The flapping metal door?

Did you ever put in a coin, only to have the ball roll onto the floor as it exited the dispenser?

I sat there knitting, wondering who invented them. This type of machine has been around since about 1907.

No, I wasn’t tempted to put a coin in the slot.

Lots of choices. Lots of sun shining today.
Steve went to Goodyear Middle School in Akron Ohio. How about that cool Goodyear tire clock?

Oh yes, the new tires are great!

Note to knitters: Basic Ribbed Socks using Knittinbro Hand Dyed Yarn purchased at McWalker Yarns

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. Yes or No?

Chocolate covered pretzels are popular but have you seen Chocolate Covered Potato Chips? Today in Millvale we stopped in Yetter’s Candy . They ship orders all over the country.

Here’s a blogpost from when the grandkids visited and we got ice cream at Yetters in 2016. It has not changed

Peeps. Yes or No?

Peeps. Yes or no?

The 2012 NY Times slide show showing how peeps are manufactured is still available. I ate one tonight. 32 calories. I could not detect any flavor other than sweet.

I bought them on sale post-Easter sale for just 99 cents at the fabric store

Since 1953, Peeps.

Turns out this is my FOURTH post about Peeps.

There are Peep Haters says Julie Bosman in NYTimes 2012 article . “But for such an innocent, marshmallow-and-sugar pastel candy, the Peep is surprisingly polarizing. Peeps-hater Web sites show pictures of Peeps dipped in liquid nitrogen and smashed with hammers. Admirers dress them in costumes and arm them with plastic swords. Matthew Beals, director of the 2009 documentary ”The Power of the Peep,” said their appeal endures because ”they coexist as both cute and horrible.”

Previous posts include

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(What Will One Admit to Eating When No One is Watching ?)

Blue Peeps Still Life

Marzipan. Yes or No?

My sister sent this photo of some marzipan pigs.

Almond paste confections taste good to me,  but I know a lot of people who pass, no matter what shape or color the marzipan takes.

I’m sure you’ve seen fruits and vegetables, animals, or marzipan incorporated into a pastry at a bakery.  Some people find it gross.

Marzipan at the Daring Gourmet recipe and history

Marzipan, yes or no?

Good luck for the New Year.