Anna’s Self Portrait at the Swim Meet

You know how Anna (9) likes to borrow her mom’s iPhone and take photos?

She was the photographer of the pick up truck full of legs post in case you missed it.

So I said I would put her photo on the blog but I needed her to explain how she took the photo and I would add that information on the post.

See the second photo.  She drew the little symbol- to turn the camera so it faces inward?   I photographed her iPhone sketch.

That was how she explained it. Oh yes, she said told me she had mirror goggles.  I like how she thinks about composing a photograph.

She enjoyed being guest blogger so much.  I think we need to get her a camera!

Swim Meet Self Portrait




iPhone camera sketch

13 thoughts on “Anna’s Self Portrait at the Swim Meet

  1. Clever! Clever! Clever! I love how she captured herself in the mirrored goggles and I love her sketch of the iPhone . . . even down to the detail on the phone that switches the view of the camera. So , so clever! Great job, Anna!

  2. She has fantastic attention to detail, and a true artist’s eye. Definitely get her a camera – I think she has a skill that is begging to be nurtured!

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