River Catches Lights at Dusk

It’s been a week of bridges on the blog.  Here’s one more.  I thought the lights in the river look impressionistic.  A soft focus on the bridge. Need to keep tripod or brace better against the light pole to avoid camera shake.  You know how I like it when the sky grows dark and the lights come up. And I like to catch reflections.

Once known as the Homestead High-Level Bridge over the Monongahela River, it was rededicated in 2002 to honor The Grays Baseball Team of the Negro League so is known as the Homestead Grays Bridge.  Built in 1936.

“It is notable as the first bridge to utilize the Wichert Truss, which uses a quadrilateral shape over each support.”  says wikipedia.

Homestead Grays Bridge Reflection

10 thoughts on “River Catches Lights at Dusk

  1. I think this is a great blend of impressionism (sky & water) meets reality (steel of the bridge). Very cool effect.

    • Thanks for stopping by Stef. Yes, the lights reflected and sky look impressionistic for sure. I like your smart comments!

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