Taillight and a Tall Pine in the Snow

Back to the park after school. I was later today.  The sun was sinking in the west and this was facing east.  When I wrote taillight it didn’t look correct but I checked it out with Merriam- Webster online and it is spelled right!    I thought about cropping out the car end but  changed my mind.  I think it adds perspective and information, allowing one to judge how tall the pine tree is.  It looks dead to me, but I am not an arborist.

Taillight and a Tall Pine in the Snow



Looks like the snow glows from the reflected setting sun.


It is a pine tree, isn’t it?



pine tree detail two

pine tree detail




9 thoughts on “Taillight and a Tall Pine in the Snow

  1. This is a great picture, and yes it looks like some kind of long needled pine. It looks dried out and not green, (or is it the light?) so it seems dead to me too but the needles are still on, and so are some kind of pine cones… if it were truly long dead it would be bare. Any arborist around?
    Beautiful in any case.


  2. I’m glad you chose to keep the car in the picture – I would have assumed the tree was a lot smaller than it really is without that small-but-important detail.


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