Dog Walker and a Snowy Tree







Scroll down for the crop with the dog walker and his dogs in the distance.  Didn’t see him when I shot the photo.

Another color photograph that looks black and white.  Shot with a  EF Canon 50mm 1.2L  Lens-  500 ISO  f/16, 125 shutter.  Wish I had tried a few more settings at the time but wanted to get home.

Thursday the temperature is to be in the 50’s.  Unusual fluctuation- one day twenties and snow and ice, another day about zero, now up to sixty?

Something feels off.

Dog Walker in the Snow

12 thoughts on “Dog Walker and a Snowy Tree

  1. I love the first photo of the tree. I am just starting to crop my photos and enjoying the different perspective they bring 🙂

    • I try not to crop my photos but was surprised to find the dog walker when I looked on the computer screen tonight, choosing a photo of the day. Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

  2. A great photo, Ruth, and thanks for the complimentary eye test. I located the dogs and walker on my own. These glasses will be good for another year.

  3. That tree picture is AMAZING! And i never would have spotted the dog walker unless you pointed him out – but what a fun “Easter egg” for people who admire your images for a period of time. (Like in a gallery showing, perhaps?) 😉

    • Ah, the gallery showing is going on right now and if you were closer I know you would go and find all sorts of Easter Eggs! Thanks for looking and making time to comment today.

  4. you take beautiful photos! i found you just now while trying to find something roanoke and your picture came up with that great garage with coke signs (outside of roanoke)

    • Thanks Tanya. I am so glad you stopped by the blog today. That garage deteriorates a bit more every time I go down to visit.

  5. What a wonderful tree – full of character – and i always love it when i get home and find a surprise in my photos. Often an exotic bug in a flower or the like.

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