BUCKEYES Reflection- Guest Blog

My son Mark sent this to me  from his phone today.  He was with Anna at an Invitational Swim Meet, Ohio State University – The Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion to be exact.   The text he had written to me with the photo was:

Photo Challenge Reflection.

No matter that the Weekly Photo Challenge for Reflection was the beginning of December.  I thought it was fun to receive the photo he took with the accompanying words.  He saw that and thought of the Photo Challenge Reflection. And he thought of the blog.  It was nice to receive and so I’m sharing it you.

Thanks Mark.

BUCKEYES Natatorium



And if you don’t live around here, you might say, What is a buckeye?             A tree AND the name of the Athletic Teams at Ohio State.

from the Ohio State Website info about the facility and pools

10 lanes of a 50 meter racing course
20 lanes of a 25 yard racing course
28 lanes of a 25 meter racing course
20 foot decks surrounding pools
3 championship water polo courses
4,638 square foot diving pool of 536,792 gallons
14,156 square foot competitive pool of 934,324 gallons
154 square foot spa of 2,192 gallons

7 thoughts on “BUCKEYES Reflection- Guest Blog

  1. Great example of reflection. It is impressive how kids nowadays can handle such a large venue. It would have scared me to death.


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