Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Forward on the soccer team?  Forward as in pushy, aggressive?

I’m thinking FORWARD motion cause that is what I came up with as I skimmed through my photos.

The Weekly Photo Challenge seems like a real challenge to me this week. Guess I am taking the word Forward, literally.  The sensation of moving up, plowing ahead, going forward. Here are the photos I chose for the theme FORWARD.  (I like to think a bit of blur illustrates the forward motion!  HA!) 

Trying the new option, well new to me…..click to see the photos.  Let me know if it works.  















Waiting at the red light to move forward.


The man in the black cloak may have been on his way to a Dickens Fest.   The light turned green so it was just a one shot.


A little hold up in the forward motion while waiting for the freight train to pass……………..


30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

  1. Great examples of forward. It got me thinking, the major Yiddish newspaper in the United States was called The Forward. I wonder why they chose that word. I am looking forward to a good year for my Pirates.

  2. A creative response to the challenge, Ruth. At the Italian market, they’ve little carts for the little ones and they’ve got a tall flag attached so that we big ones see them coming. Seeing Mara speed down the aisle underscores the need for those flags.

    • Kroger definitely needs to add those poles on their kiddie carts when my granddaughter races down the aisle.
      I have never witnessed a more enthusiastic shopper. I dread the big stores these days cause as you enter they are selling recliners? I don’t want furniture at the food market but I digress. What I wanted to say us that shopping is fun with Maura.

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  4. Nice selection of forward motion. I agree, Maura’s shopping cart is priceless. I also like the bride and groom looking forward to a wonderful life together.


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  6. Ruth, You always catch just the right photos for your challenges. I loved the Dee’s Collision photo and Maura with her grocery cart. I’ve always tried to be a “forward” person but some days are harder than others. Robin Roberts said it best last night on the special 20/20 telling about her battle with MDS. “Right Foot, Left Foot, Breathe — right foot, left foot, breathe.”

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  10. you’ve composed a funny gallery! My favorites: 1-the little girl with the supermarket basket 2- the motor-cyclists 3 -the Olympic swimmers!

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